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Propel Selva

Select the model of your Selva outboard engine below and you will see the propellers that fit your model. For more information, see our guide about choosing the right propeller. Please note, your engine may differ slightly from the photos below, these are for illustration only.
Selva 8 PK
Selva 8 HK
Selva 9.9 PK
Selva 9.9 HK
Selva 15 PK
Selva 15 HK
Selva 20 PK
Selva 20 HK
Selva 30 PK
Selva 30 HK
Selva 40 PK
Selva 40 HK
Selva 50 PK
Selva 50 HK
Selva 60 PK
Selva 60 HK
Selva 70 PK
Selva 70 HK
Selva 80 PK
Selva 80 HK
Selva 100 PK
Selva 100 HK
Selva 115 PK
Selva 115 HK
Selva 150 PK
Selva 150 HK
Selva 200 PK
Selva 200 HK
Selva 225 PK
Selva 225 HK
Selva 250 PK
Selva 250 HK

Which propeller should I choose?

We offer propellers in almost all sizes and for almost all inboards and outboards. We also have 4 blades and stainless steel screws for selected models. Below you will find the right propeller in three easy steps!

  1. Find out what size (diameter and pitch) your propeller currently has (engraved in the propeller)
  2. Choose your engine block or tailpiece in our shop and you will automatically see the screws that fit
  3. Choose your current propeller size, or optionally choose a different pitch if you want to change performance (see here for more explanation )
Do you have any questions?

See our FAQ for the most frequently asked questions.